Places of Interest

It's just a 5 mins drive from parasakthi college for women in courtallam and a 15 mins drive from tenkasi new bus stand and railway station.

Nearest Attractions Distance Drive Time
Tiger Falls 3 Km 05 min
Main Falls 4 Km 04 min
Old Courtallam Falls 4 Km 07 min
Private Water Falls 15 Km 30 min
Five Falls 8 Km 15 min
Palaruvi 28 Km 30 min
Gundaru Dam With Beautiful Falls 21 Km 30 min
Kumbavrutti Water Falls 31 Km 40 min
Agasthiar Water Falls of Papanasam 40 Km 45 min
Weekend drive to manimuthar falls manjolai estate (Hills) | Kuthiravetti 50 Km 1 hr

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